Daily Inspired For Blogger

Finally, after a lot of requests I released the "Daily Inspired" template for all Blogger users for free. This post explains how to customize it. If you have some problems or suggests please add a comment. In the next days I'll update this section with news and new tips about this template.

You can download this template (an html file you can customize quickly using, for example, Dreamweaver) at the following link but, first to use it on your blog, read carefully the disclaimer.

Download this Blogger Template


This is an highly customized Blogger template which I suggest to use only if you have familiarity with HTML, CSS and Blogger. Before to make changes on your actual Blogger template, save a copy of your template on your local hard disk, so, if something go wrong with the update, you can restore it. Take a mind, if you use custom Widgets on your actual Blogger template, they will be removed using this template. I'm not responsible for eventual problems. Ok?